‘Chintu’ arrived Bihar at the promotion of ‘Nagina’

To hit your movie star cast is quite hard, many places, many theaters are going to promote their film and Pradeep Pandey Chintu is one of those artists whose recent film ‘Nagina’ was released in Bihar, is and hence they arrived Bihar to promote his film  this Diwali,  Mumbai, Gujarat and Punjab began to appear in Nagina was then on the bumper opening her viewers to see the film as well as the response was overwhelming and when the film was released recently in Bihar even large crowds of people because of the film hit the bumper opening and made Housefull shows.

m_Chintu Nagina Film

CHINTU is playing the main character in this film they reached Bihar recently to thank our viewers and give them lots of love for film viewers to Shukriada, the audience has  loved and All films have liked and made  Chintu is all favourite artist.

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