Firoz Khan A New Talented All Round Artist, Actor, Dancer, Singer and Comedian.

An experienced stage performer, Firoz Khan, is an artist, whose ambitions are touching the Sky. He entered Mumbai, the City of Dreams, with dream of making it big in Bollywood. From the very beginning he had been interested in Acting.

m_Firoz Khan (14)

m_Firoz Khan (11)

He started to participate in his school and college cultural programmes and functions. Encouraged in school, he started to perform on stageregularly in every programe in his locality.

m_Firoz Khan (8)m_Firoz Khan (9)

While performing on stage, he become ambitious to become Bollywood Artist. The same ambition brought him to enter Bollywood.

m_Firoz Khan (13)

The fan of Govinda and Tabu, Firoz Khan stands 5′-6″ above the ground and his choice of roles include Comedy, Tragedy and Romance. With his dancing and singing talent, he is sure of his success. He is ready to accept any type of character in Hindi and Bhojpuri films. His Cell No: 919699932109/8858889997

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