Music Composer Nikhil Kamath Turns Actor In JOURNEY PREMACHI 

Music composer NIKHIL KAMATH also has entered the acting Bandwagan with the to be released film Marathi film ”’JOURNEY PREMACHI’. It is a romantic Rom Com with some great songs composed by NIKHIL KAMATH and lyrics written by AASHAY PARAB and VIMAL KASHYAP. Music composer Nikhil Kamath plays a guest role of an orchestra Singer who is singing on the stage of a five star hotel.The song situation in the film is that, the hero of the film Aditya (Abhishek Sethiya) comes to the hotel bar very very sad and ditched in love. When Nikhil Kamath sees him he starts singing a sad song for the hero.Nikhil Kamath has played his role to perfection as an actor .

The song ”PAHATO MEE AARSA  ” is a mass oriented song composed by Nikhil Kamath and sung by Puran Shiva who hails from Manipur who is also making his mark as a singer in Bollywood. There has been a tremendous response to the song and has has already garnered over two lakh hits on you tube in 4 days of its release. The success of ”PAHATO MEE AARSA clearly proves that simple melody along with good singing can create a great impact on the music lovers .The song has been beautifully picturised by dance director VICKY KHAN.

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