Samrat Sinwar Actor A proud Discovery of Rajeev Dutta

Samrat Sinwar  is the proud discovery of producer director Rajeev Dutta, Samrat Sinwar hails from Jaipur where he did hi Graduation and post gradutation from National University of Jaipur. Right from the School And college days he was found of acting and drama, in all school and college yearly events he was always been appreciated by his friends, professors and guest of the functions.

This appreciation and friendly advises of many friend he came to Mumbai the Dream City Of Bollywood which has given top most Stars, Director, Music director, Singers to India. Working as representative at National News Paper Punjab Kesri.


He was introduced To Rajeev Dutta by Vishal Singh  Rajeev’s friend, in his first meeting Rajeev was so much impressed  that he immediately gave him the task of acting in his running short Film, which Samrat Sinwar  gave full justice to his selection and was appreciated by the entire unit at shoot. Samrat Sinwar coming assignments include TV serials Sawdhan India and Ghulam, he is ready to accept any role whether it is  Negative also, according to him all roles has its own impact on the audience.

He is the ardent fan of Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Karanveer Bora, his only ambition to Become Good Actor and Excellent artiste beside being A Good Human, He Can be Contacted thru Rajeev Dutta of Way 2 Fame on Mobile No.8369272985

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