Almas Hamirani – Internationally Renowned fashion designer from Pakistan



Almas Hamirani is a renowned fashion designer from Karachi now based in USA. She had showcased her innovative collection at India Fashion Week Dubai Season 4 that was held at the Al Marooj Rotana Hotel in Dubai.

With 10 years flourishing experience in fashion designing, Almas keeps her knowledge of fashion up- to- date by doing fashion-designing courses so as to offer her clients the latest styles. Fashion was initially her hobby which later on turned to be a passion.


Her collection of Pakistani outfits and saris, mainly party wear ranges from simple lawn outfits to designer party and bridal wear. Most of her stuff is mainly from Pakistan, country known for its striking, vibrant designs and fascinating styles blended with a mix of traditional and contemporary cuts. The entire the dresses are primed under her individual supervision from choosing the material to getting it sewed. Her designs are her own creation and are distinctive. Her Pakistani designs are well liked by one and all in places like USA, Canada, UAE and Dubai.


At the India Fashion Week launched in Dubai in the year 2014, a magnificent 2 day event was showcased to the world which featured 20 of India’s most iconic and promising designers. And thus, IFWD became the largest Indian fashion platform outside mainland India. She has arranged many fashion shows in the Middle East particularly in Dubai, Doha, Qatar, and Saudi and in U.S besides Pakistan.

A house full with 3000+ high-end guests experiencing IFWD in 2 days, the entire event was dubbed a ‘delightful mélange of celebrity showstoppers, internationally acclaimed designers, and cutting edge fashion exhibits’ by the members of the press.

Season 4 brought about a new interlace to the format which put the IFWD and its participants at the front of the global Indian fashion revolution. Along with the cutting edge fashion showcasing, the event also featured exhibitions and special sessions whereby thought leaders in the industry were able to leverage their distinctive know-how to graph the future of Indian fashion to the world.

Almas firmly believes in her original designs and to give top priority to it. That’s precisely the very reason that her dresses are much liked by people be it in Pakistan, US or Middle East countries.  It is also her passion to play with colours, curves, shades and shapes. The unique feature of her dresses is different cuts, mix of tradition and contemporary arts.

With vast knowledge in fashion designing, Almas is all set for a long journey in the world of fashion designing.

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