Meet the charming and soft-spoken Casting Director Kashyap Chandhock

Meet the charming and soft-spoken Casting Director Kashyap Chandhock who recently made his debut on TV as a Casting Director With Zee TV’s Daily Soap Opera ‘Bin Kuch Kahe’ .

Kashyap Chandhock has been an integral part of the Casting Industry for last 5 years. He’s first started working independently casting for commercials in the year 2014.In the span of these 3 years, he has assisted eminent Casting Directors. His most notable work has been with one of the Casting Directors of Dharma Productions’, Panchami Ghavri where he assisted her on movies like ‘Brothers’ and ‘Kapoor And Sons’.

Remember the super funny bodybuilder character of Boobly who at one point even tries to flirt with the character of Alia? He was casted by Kashyap who happened to be his gym trainer. Now that’s called having an eye to spot the right talent & make someone’s life, which is required in a profession like his. Kashyap is an adept at what he does.


The casting of Zee TV’s Prime Time show ‘Bin Kuch  Kahe’ marks Kashyap’s 1st TV serial which he admits has been his toughest project. Being a show which is being exclusively shot in Jaipur and needed about 100 days of the actors, it could only take a charmer like Kashyap to convince the actors to leave the comfort of their homes & dedicate their time in a completely new city. His immense effort on his precise casting abilities is being proved with the success of the show.


With dreams in his eyes, he wishes to carve a niche for himself and make it big in Bollywood by working for Mainstream and Parallel Cinema.

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