Abhishek movies world Best Of production Award for chhattisgarhi Film – TEHALKA MOR NAAV KE

Recently upcoming Hero Devendra Jangade received best upcoming Hero Award for chhattisgarhi Film “Tehalka Mor Naav Ke”, produced by A Pathak, it also bagged 8 Awards in different categories.

It was a ‘Chhollywood Stardom Cine Awards’ organised by in Raipur (Chattisgarh). Producer A. Pathak also received award as best producer, actor Ashish Sendere got best villain award, actress Upasana Vaishnav as best character actress, Elina David as best comedian actress, Laxman Yadav for best cinematography, Birbal Panigrahi for best action and satya   for best costume. Film was released during Dasahara in 2016.


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