Social Activist Robin Almeida awarded with the “Human Excellence Award

Well-known social activist Robin Almeida,  who is credited with saving many lives from suicidal tendencies and the harmful effects of drugs, was recently awarded the “Human Excellence Award” by the  Academy of Universal Global Peace – USA, under United Nations and the European Union,  by the  honorable Dr. Madhu Krishan, who is the Global Peace Ambassador for the United Nations. Robin Almeida has  offices in Israel and a  couple of other countries. It was a proud moment for him to receive this prestigious award,  which was given after the consent of( 77 governence of UN??).

He is the only activist from India to have received this award which is usually  awarded to Prime Ministers of various countries, scientists and emminent personalities in various fields, and he is now one of the select few.Robin Almeida was born in 1981in Mumbai. He lost his father at an early age. A reserved and introvert personality during his childhood, he was later affected by the  violent and destructive nature of people around him.And then, he got attracted towards the  Bible and his entire life was totally transformed. Almeida started preaching the Word of God in 2001 and The Master’s Touch Healing Centre International (TMTHC) was born in the year 2004. Robin Almeida is a well known Preacher and Tele-evangelist. His programme “Pyare Masiha” is followed by a huge number of fans in India. Pyare Masiha was broadcasted on several channels  including Big J TV, Rophe TV, Campus channel, Sai Regional, U channel, Shubh Sandesh, Lemon TV and Christian TV.


Not only in India, Almeida has preached all over the world through The Robin Almeida International Ministries and has delivered power-packed sermons in countries like USA, Israel, New- Zealand, Singapore, Mauritius, Phillippines, Malaysia, Dubai, Australia, Kenya and Nigeria. He has also been highly successful in establishing a faith- built Church in Herzliya, Israel.

Almeida has conducted regular Crusades in huge stadiums in major cities of India. —– Publish Media(Akhlesh Singh PRO)

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