Hum Hain King Passed By Censors

Jafer Films’ Hum Hain King has been passed by the censors with U certificate. The film is written and directed by Hamid Ali. Cast: Rahul Kapoor,Nazia Khan,Prithvi Zutshi,Bhanwarlal Jhol,S.Musarrat,Roshan Kumar and many school children.DoP: Triloki Chaudhary. Lyrics: Saani Aslam,Laxminarayan,Roshan Kumar. Music: Laxminarayan. Costume designer:: Jafer Ali Munshi. Editor: NImesh Chaudhary.EP: S.Musarrat. Red Ribbon have released the audio CDs of the film recently.The film is being readied for an early release.

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