THE CANNES FILM FESTIVAL…is considered amongst the biggest festival in the world and filmmakers always strive that their movies get an entry into it, as India produces thousands  of films every year in different languages on artistic and commercial front and handful of them are selected for the said festival. In this matter, debutant director Shubhanshu Satyadeo is very fortunate that his maiden venture ‘Win Marathon’ has been selected for the ‘Cannes Film Festival’ for the ‘Feature Film Category’.

Indeed, a great achievement, happy and proud moment for the entire unit of the said film. ‘Win Marathon’ has story-screenplay penned by Shubhanshu Satyadeo, dialogues are written by trio Shubhanshu Satyadeo, Gokul Rastogi and Neeraj Anand, a writer-producer, who also became a part of the direction team at a later stage.

Coming from an educational background of teachers, Shubhanshu  Satyadeo, a well educated person is very close to kids, particularly under-privileged and neglected ones for whom he has a soft-corner in his heart. Looking at their problems and way of living life, an idea stuck Shubhanshu’s mind to make a film on under-privileged children of India, which took birth in the form of the Hindi feature film ‘Saksham-Kakahara’.

As a filmmaker, Shubhanshu never believed in the 100 crore club or box-office revenues, but his focus is to do factual and constructive justice to the script and make an entertainer, which convey a strong message, adds additional flavor and true soil to the film. According to Shubhanshu, movies are made to entertain, having some kind of message, otherwise there is no reason for cinegoers to flock the theatres, spending  sky-rocketing prices for the tickets.

Moreover, he believes that films like ‘Win Marathon’ and Saksham-Kakahara genre of movies receive awards as well as rewards if made with love and dedication, keeping the cash register ringing. Saksham-Kakahara is based on rag-pickers and the regular shoot of the film is going on,  now it is at the final stage towards completion. Saksham-Kakahara is written, produced and directed by Shubhanshu Satyadeo.  —–Leo Media

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