Perfect Plan Releasing on  26th May 2017 A Film Presented  by A.D. Jain Directed by Yusuf Qasmi

Perfect Plan is Bollywood suspense thriller directed by Yusuf Qasmi, produced by Nasik based businessman A.D Jain under the banner of Nasik Risers Film Production. This film is being released by Alok Shrivastava Of Gold Coin Entertainment on 26th May 2017 all over India.


Jhanvi and Veer were married and living happily with each other. Jhanvi was very fond of reading novels and the hangover is so high that she sees the characters of the novels in her dream.
And one day her dream becomes true and the character comes in real in front of him and makes her life miserable.
To know what happens next?
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Starring – Pallavi Shetty, Zeeshan Khan, Yusuf Qasmi, Sarita Patel, Neelakashi and others.
Directed By – Yusuf Qasmi, Written By – Amol Kasliwal, Tushar Bankar, Yusuf Qasmi, Screenplay By – Amol Kasliwal, Tushar Bankar, Yusuf Qasmi, Produced By – A.D.Jain

Udit narayan sings  “devoon ke deva” for this film which is bound to become a super hit song. Will be liked by devotional and Music lovers as well.

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