Woman Empowerment shines through Indian Student at the “Death City” of Titanic

Nirmalya Sohan Roy, a naval architecture student of Indian origin rewrites history by becoming the first female President of Ship Science, University of Southampton. By being elected unanimously for the prestigious post as recognition for her leadership in various academic, cultural, social and charity fund raising activities, she has become a role model for women empowerment and a pride for the thousands of Indian students going to UK for various studies every year.

As a versatile talent with International recognition in Dance, Music and Painting, Nirmalya had written, composed and sung one song for the Oscar shortlisted movie DAM999 when she was just 13 years old. She is also one of the active volunteers in the ongoing USD 10 Billion Project Indywood to revamp the entire Indian Film Industry to bring it on top of Hollywood in next five years.


Hailing from a naval architect family with her father runs one of the largest Ship Design firms in the world and her equally talented twin sister Nivedya too study for the same as a class mate in Southampton, both shall complete their Masters in Naval Architecture by next year.

Southampton is recognised as the best place in the world for learning Naval Architecture and Titanic’s maiden voyage before the tragedy was started from Southampton’s “White Star Dock” in 1912. Port City of Southampton with its over 100,000 population mainly depending on Shipping those days had lost at least one member each from over 500 families in the Titanic tragedy who were working as Titanic Crew. The Naval Architect of Titanic along with its Captain had opted to be in the sinking vessel without trying to save them. But the incident lead to major changes in the Safety of Life at Sea regulations and Ship Design concepts. 150-year-old University of Southampton is now one of the top 100 universities in the world with around 25000 students. Ship Science has been integral part for the last 65 years holding the cold memories of Titanic Tragedy to make it the best place to learn and do research on  Ship Technology.

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