The First Look Of GHANTA CHORI HO GAYA Will Be Seen By One Lakh People – VIKRAM SINGH GURJAR

From acting in itsy-bitsy roles in tele-serials like Diya Aur Baati,Sasural Simar Ka,Saathiya Saath Nibhaana,Pavitra Rishta,Pavitra Bandhan,Saavdhaan India, Crime Patrol,CID,Doli Armanon Ki and lots of others, Vikram Singh Gurjar thought of turning a producer and he dared to make a film GHANTA CHORI HO GAYA which is all set for release on June 9th all over. Ayyer Mohan of COMPLETE CINEMA spoke to the daring actor-producer Vikram Singh Gurjar on 17th May at Q Labs wjhere he was involved in the last stages of the post-production work of the film. Excerpts.

How did you get inspired to turn a producer and also how you managed to make your own team of mostly new actors and  technicians ?

I hail from Indore and I am also the President of Dev Narayan Temple, Indore. The subject of the film GHANTA CHORI HO GAYA surrounded around a temple priest and also the Temple Bell which gets stolen twice which interested me a lot. There were many other subjects in my mind but I was stuck to this one which was brought to me by the director Nirbhay Singh Chaudhary. He also had his own team ready with actors and technicians. I took immediate decision to make this film and since I hail from Indore, I chose the locales for the film from Indore itself as I am very familiar to the place and I could get the locales to shoot the film very easily. I wanted hassle free shooting from Day 1 and luckily everybody cooperated with me to their fullest.I am very thrilled to see the first digital print of the film which has come out after a two-month post-production work which has been handled brilliantly by Shashikant Mena.

How are you planning to release the film GHANTA CHORI HO GAYA ?

I am in talking stages with few well known distributers and I want to release the film in at least 200 cinemas all over India.I am going to Indore for a week’s time and will be inviting several wellknown people from Indore to attend the First Look of the film on 20th May at Aasind,Bhilwara district during the Gurjar Samaj Maha Aadiveshan where over a lakh of people will be attending. Sachin Pilot will be the chief guest during this very big event.Then I will show the film to the media people in Mumbai also during the last week May in Mumbai. I am not overspending in the publicity as I feel it is a complete wastage of money.

What experiences you have gained during the making of the film ?

I was misguided by some of my own people as I was new but once I set my foot in Mumbai and came in touch with Shashikant Mena, thanks to the bosses of Q Labs, I met the right people since the last three to four months. Shashikant Mena has very managed to make the film more crisper than before by bringing down the length to 2 hrs. 17 mts from 2 hrs. 40 mts. He has a 20-year experience behind him, having worked with Nimbus, Ultra,B.N. Tiwari and several production houses.The contribution of Shashikant Mena is the biggest in this film. Also, I found many good-hearted persons from the film industry sitting at Q Labs and finally I have managed to come near the release date of the film. Hopefully, by the Grace of God, I think I will stay for a long time in the film industry and make many more films. I have already planned my next whch will be a comedy  fare titled BHOLA MOHABBAT TOUCH KAR GAYA. Again, I will be shooting the entire film in Indore locales.

What’s more in the pipeline ?

I am planning to produce  a long running tele-serial BHAGWAN SHRI DEV NARAYANJEE for Doordarshan and also a mammoth serial on the scale of MAHABHARAT which is titled BHAGDAWAT BHARAT which will be made on a multi-crore budget. But as of now, I am focussing completey in the release strategy of GHANTA CHORI HO GAYA which I feel will make everyone watching the film in the cinema halls come out happily and contented as I have made a very clean family drama with a daringly different story line, untouched before by Bollywood film makers.

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