A word Pandey became popular when a radio programme came into existence by RJ Anurag Pandey on (Fever 104 FM) known as ‘Picture Pandey’ and now a promising writer-filmmaker Ekant Babbani is coming up with a movie titled Famous Pandey. Likewise films catchy title, Famous Pandey is not a regular run of the mill movie, but has an unusual subject which will appeal to all ages, having entertainment ingredients.

The talented filmmaker Ekant Babbbani was interested in writing and direction when he was just 17, consequently he commenced his career as an assistant for ad films and posterior graduated on feature films. However, he got a chance to make a short film Xtreme Mumbai, never the less, Babbani was not satisfied with what he made as he wanted to do something bigger and better. Being an intellectual filmmaker, Babbani had an added advantage and had the power to tell a story in the best possible way, as this quality is rare amongst most of the filmmakers. During events and his school-college days , people were amazed when Babbani narrated the smallest incidents which was the best or the funniest thing that ever happened.


Finally, in the year 2004, Babban’s hardwork brought him in the limelight when one of his short film titled Mudra won an award at a local film festival. The benefit of award doubled Babbani’s confidence as a writer-filmmaker and then onwards there was no looking back. The urge to make a full length Bollywood movie was his dream for which he had already written a subject. After a struggle of almost 10 years and about 200 narrations he got a break, as he knew this is how Bollywood functions and he had no hard feelings or complaints against anybody. Ultimately Babban was successful to reach his goal when he came in touch with Om Prakash Pandey through his friend Raj, an actor. Om Prakash Pandey, a businessman from Gujarat was looking for an interesting subject to produce a movie. After number of thoughts, ideas and discussions, they finally freezed on one line idea ‘how people toy with negative publicity’. The one line within no time took a shape of synopsis and then turned into a full bound screenplay for which the credit also goes to writer Shreyas Lowlekar with whom Babbani completed the work.

Searching for the lead player, screen test was conducted and after 20 contestants Rahul Bagga was finalized for the role of Dev. The role of a protagonist Dev required a huge graph of various emotions who comes from a small town into a big city. Rahul’s former releases Mastram and Luv Shuv indicated Babbani that he will do proper justice with the character of Dev. It was Rahul’s passion, interest and understanding which took the role of Dev to another level altogether. Again for the female lead, bunch of fresheners were auditioned and  finally zeroed on   Ritu Pandey for the role Kangana, who plays Dev’s love interest in the film. Like Rahul, Ritu also lived up to the expectations and portrayed the character of Kangana to the best of her abilities and surprised everybody. Apart from Rahul Bagga and Ritu Pandey, remaining cast of the film includes Raj Ssingh, Meher Vij, Ajaypal Chaudary, Shaurya Singh, Aniket Raghuvanshi, Sanjay Tripathi and Rajan Tejraj Tiwari.

On technical front, all have done their job perfectly like screenplay co-written by Shreyas Lowlekar and Ekant Babbani is well written, cinemtography by Abhishek Modak is first rate as his vision has given a very definite, yet different look to the film. Ambar Vyas and Bhupen Sharma’s editing is sharp and music by Ritesh, Gaurav-Sandeep and Puneet Siddharth gel with the film as per its requirement.

Famous Pandey is produced by Om Prakash Pandey under the banner of Maa Vaishnavee Films and Aligator Productions and is directed by Ekant Babbani. The movie is slated for early release in 2017.

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