Dubbing For   HASEENA Begins 

Producer-director Vicky Ranawat has begun the dubbing of     Harsh Dream Ventures and Khushi Films’ HASEENA on 2nd June at Trisha Recording Studios. The film’s promotional song was shot for 2 days earlier in Jaipur locales. Another  7-day shooting stint in Goa locales was also held before the Jaipur stint wherein two songs were filmed on the leading actors.  The film which is complete  is being readied for July release all over.  Cast:  Mohit Arora, Ankur Verma,Arpit Soni,Inayat Sharma, newfind Khyati Sharma,Neelam Pandey,Moushumi Malik,Master Sujal and many others.  Producer- Director: Vicky Ranawat.  Writer: Rishi Aazad..DoP: B.N. Mishra. Lyrics- Music:Shahid Bawa (U.K.). E.P.: Meher Sethi. Editor: Kukku Sharma.The film is being presented by Jeetendra Vaghadia.

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