Hrishikesh Pandey Becomes Victim Of Cyber Crime

Showbiz personalities or celebrities often fall prey to cyber hacking. Recently Hrishikesh Pandey, the social filmmaker’s Facebook account got hacked and he came to know about this misdemeanor on 4th June 2017.

Hrishikesh directed a rom-com short film named ‘Girlfriend Khali Hai Kya’ and some clips of the film that were on his phone got misused. Through Hrishikesh’s Facebook Messenger, the hacker had sent those shots of the film to one of Hrishikesh’s peers whose name was misused. The hacker also did chatting with an account named after a popular Pakistani model whose account was shown active on 23rd May 2017 but it got deactivated on June 1st, 2017. Also to Hrishikesh’s surprise, his friends count on Facebook increased from 1600 to 4300.

Check the IMD of Hrishikesh’s short movie.

It troubled him very much because the hacker misused the names with whom the filmmaker was closely associated with. He is more concerned about them than himself. Now, he wants his fans to know about the incident he has gone through.

Also, the hacker did chatting with some other persons on Facebook and when Hrishikesh checked those accounts it was shown fake. He has become more cautious now and in future not to be a victim of such hackers he is going to hire personal PR agencies.————-Akhlesh Singh (PRO)

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