KHUSHI VYAS…Cinema…Cinema & only Social Cinema

Bollywood is a dream of those who are in love with cinema and the beautiful damsel called Khushi Vyas is one of the caboodle for whom cinema is not merely a dream, but it’s her life. Since her childhood days she was prone towards moving images (Films) and from the tender age, desired to act in movies.

As she grew the inborn talent push her towards acting, consequently, Khushi actively participated in school and later on in college plays, where her confidence increased when her performance was appreciated by judges who came from different fields including entertainment industry.


Highly educated Khushi is a social-worker who’s organization regularly feeds handicapped and poor people. Moreover, she had arranged 11 marriages and bear all expenses for stranded grooms and brides. Khushi belongs to a business family who have no contacts with any filmi people, nor she has any godfather, never the less Khushi kept on struggling to achieve her goal and has finally somehow have succeeded up to certain extent.

Though Khushi’s roots are from Gujarat, this stunning beauty has landed in Mumbai to try her luck. She likes to play simple and sophisticated roles and presently she has grabbed two Bollywood projects as one of the leading lady, but since the script is on completion stage, Khushi denies to reveal anything about the film and is waiting for the movies official launch. Here we wish the talented artist all the luck for her bright future.

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