1st look Launch Of  – X Videos

A Bilingual (Tamil & Hindi) Film Based On True Incidences Of Hidden Camera Shoots,  Directed By Sajo Sunder With Cast Ajay Raj, Akruti Singh, Aparna Nishad, Riya Mikka, Shaan, Prabhojit & Vishwa. Produced By Colour Shadow Entertainmnet. Head of production Bharat ramanujam.  Ist LOOK LAUNCH was held  At The View, Mumbai.


Two friends, Manoj and Daniel work as journalists undertake a research for a study article to understand people’s knowledge on porn websites and the internet. unexpectedly they happen to watch a private video of their close friend’s wife. becoming  shocked and shaken, they investigate on how could a personal video had found its way to the internet. In their search they find about Vikram and his network. With the help of their friend Imran who is an inspector they arrest this gang. While interrogation they find details of common people is made open for the entire world, they are traumatized to find how their personal videos are making multi million business. Finally they bring these anti socials before law and get them punished.


This movie recommends the government that there must be stringent laws to govern internet and warms the common people on how careful one must be their own privacy.

—–PR by Pritam Sharma (Vice President) Sherman Communications Pvt Ltd

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